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i Problem Description Student: Ruben Undheim Title: Design of a Linear FMCW Radar Synthesizer With Focus on Phase Noise Text: Phase noise is the most important performance paramet

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Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar is a technique for obtaining range information from a radar by frequency modulating a continuous signal. The frequency range of FMCW radar varies from 900 MHz to 80 GHz, and one of the applications is human positioning for indoor healthcare scenarios and intelligent housing system.

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Description: Overview SITRANS LR560 2-wire, 78 GHz FMCW radar level transmitter for continuous monitoring of solids in silos to a range of 100 m (329 ft). ). Benefits Rugged stainless steel design for industrial applications 78 GHz high frequency provides very narrow beam Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) processing is one of the post processing technique employed to further increase the sensitivity of the radar in terms of resolution and SNR. In this thesis, a time domain correlation SAR technique which is essentially a matched filter application is described and implemented. Radenso Pro-M is the smallest STEALTH Radar Laser available. It's difficult to see from outside a vehicle and easy to remove and conceal. Firmware upgrades are available through the RADENSO Pro Series UPDATER installed on your Laptop or PC connected to the Internet.

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SIW antennas for automotive radar have been investi-gated for other radar works [9]–[14], however, the authors believe their work to be the first FMCW MIMO radar for automotive applications to use broadband SIW antennas in a compact design. Also, the proposed SIW system has multiple advantages over conventional series-fed patch arrays. Today, 77 GHz FMCW (Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave) radar has strong advantages of range and velocity detection for automotive applications. However, FMCW radar brings out ghost targets and missed targets in multi-target situations. In this paper, in order to resolve these limitations, we propose an effective pairing algorithm, which consists of two steps. In the proposed method, a ...